BPSP Restaurant Series Gas Stockpot Ranges : BPSP-18J-13

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Size: 18" W x 30" H x 21.5" D Cooking Area: 13" wok ring Total BTUH: 125,000

The Bakers Pride® model BPSP-18J-13 features a 125,000 BTUH jet burner with a durable 13" wok ring (not detachable) that has a rolled front edge to prevent spills. The burner has two continuous pilots for instant ignition. Like other ranges in this series, this model offers stainless steel construction and a full-size, slide-out drip pan for easy cleanup.

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • 13" wok ring (not detachable)
  • One 18-orifice jet burner
  • Two continuous pilots???
  • Rolled front edge
  • LEGS LOOK LONGER! Chrome plated 6” legs with adjustable feet???
  • Edison-Testing-Laboratory-Safety-US-Canada
  • Edison-Testing-Laboratory-Sanitation

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