Baking Pizza in the electric P22 countertop deck oven

The Bakers PrideĀ® Hearthbake P22 series is a great choice for fresh-dough pizza, pre-baked crust, pretzels, flat breads, and other bakery products. Bake directly on the deck or on screens, pans, or baking sheets. This series features one baking chamber with two decks and your choice of Cordierite (3.25" deck height) or brick-lined Cordierite (2.75" deck height).The brick-lined model has a Cordierite ceiling, which offers the benefit of increased temperatures and recovery times. They may be easily installed at the factory or in the field. All models feature stainless steel exteriors, 4" adjustable legs, and a 15-minute electric timer with continuous-ring alarm and manual shut-off. International voltages are available.